Thursday, December 8, 2011


I have ridden Louka for 2 days now... the first day my friend Aileen came to walk alongside us as we felt our way....It was great Louka is such a steady character..he just doesn't flap at all- think he'll leave that to someone else....
I got on down by the stream- I have been teaching him the "my grass" method and he didn't try to munch once- that is really great......I practised taking him to where I want to go from my seat, only using the reins as the last resort for direction.eyes, belly button - shoulder....thanks for the reminder Aileen. hee hee..we went through the stream and round the paddock - all at a walk- once I'm feeling that we can get faster I will...
Yesterday I did more of the same - and felt so much better than the day before...I had to go through the stream and the waterhole then on to the "ethel" paddock and practised there..backup great , riding from my seat a lot better than yesterday....I think maybe Louka will be my riding horse for a while least for the next month and then I'll give him a months rest to mull it all over and then bring him in again....I just can't believe how stable and steady he is- he's like this really old soul that's telling me he'll make sure we are ok.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Riding Louka

Well what a day that was- Off I went to pick up Louka thinking I'd only have to ride him in the roundpen or small paddock..but no Amanda had other ideas- we went right up over the steep hills only walking - it had been raining so the clay tracks were a bit slippery.Louka has been doing this trail trotting and cantering for the past 3 weeks,and Amanda wanted me to see where he has been and to ease me into it before she let him go home....I was like a newby- but the nerves eased as I realised that he was taking this all in hs stride - my nerves started to ease as we got nearer to home and Louka didn't put a foot wrong. My friend Jak's came with me to pick him up, and it was wonderful as she was able to come with us and ride another really safe huge grey ( he was only 3 years old)- that was an unexpected bonus too. Thanks Megan for riding Louka every day, and thanks Amanda for your expertise in getting him to this point.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What has been happening with my little herd.

It's been a while since I updated on this site so I decided I'd better get onto it....
There has been an enormous amount going on over the last few months...Every Monday and Friday our little kai's have been amazing using their skills to help "at risk youth" and this will finish for the year tomorrow- Monday 5th December 2011.  The school year is almost at an end, and the "Equine Therapy" has been instrumental in helping to give these children a better view of life, and a few tools to help them along the way.
We have had a few online lessons with *1 star Parelli instructor Jane Cook and will be looking to book a few more.
Arobridge Maxwell A & P Show Clevedon Nov 2011
There has also been the A & P show We entered  Maxwell and Louka - in hand only and were very proud to see that Maxwell and Louka both came away with some ribbons. There was a good turnout for the Kaimanawa section this year, so it was brilliant that they both did so well. Also Maxwell's first floating and outing from our place- so he excelled in everything- I think he likes to be on "show"- he was very well behaved...while Louka was really far more interested in the grass.
Arobridge Louka @ A & P show clevedon Nov 2011
Louka had been away to be started under saddle, and we brought him back to the show for the weekend off, and then he went back again- hopefully he will be home again on tuesday..I really miss him, so it will be great to see how well he is doing - apparently he hasn't put a foot wrong so far- that's my boy!!!!  I have also went along to Equidays and stayed the 3 days- that was just brilliant and I would recommend anyone that horses to attend the next one..then a few days later I attended Jackie Chant's horsenality clinic at Waerenga- was just awsome...there is so much to learn.  As it gets drier and when the hay has been cut I can't wait to get out and use that paddock to practise all the lessons so far learned...I want to sit the pnh level 2 freestyle this summer, so that I am progressing through the the meantime there is still a lot to be done with Maxwell and Oscar to bring them on a bit more.  Oscar is looking lovely in his summer coat and he is the quiet gentleman of the herd- much bigger than the others.  Sarg is his usual cheeky self, and has just had a lump surgically removed from his butt- don't think it is anything sinister but we had it sent away for analysis to make sure..... He backs up the paddock with his tail held to the side to show me, because he knows that I need to check that it's healing and problems - the stiches will be removed in 2 weeks that's about it for now....Christmas is nearly upon us- so hope all our horsey friends out there have a great safe and happy Christmas....HOhoho have lots of fun and laughter. Cheers from Gypsy, Sarg, Louka, Oscar, Maxwell & Me

Monday, September 26, 2011

Awsome weekend

I went to a Dale Speedy- Bio Mechanics course last weekend....took Gypsy to the first session and Louka to the second day... What a brilliant course- could recommend it. This is a first for Louka..being looked at by many different people....trying to practise the techniques of this very different way of targeting problems and then observing behaviour, actions & movement by the horse/ human and the surrounding environment.
All things that horses do naturally. Fascinating, thrilling stuff, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and so did the horses. Louka was extremely good, calm all the time except when it puddled down I put him in an enclosed stall & he was having none of that- he was either going to come over the top of the door or barg his way through it...ironic that I was there to observe the environment as well as all those other things and I didn't consider that by putting him into an environment that was very foreign to him - where was unable to see over the door or see the way out he still had the instinctual survival- I'm getting outta here one way or another....I took him out straight away and he just dropped his head and started eating...a timely reminder really - he was not familiar with these surroundings and may have felt safe in the stall at home but he could always see and get out if he wanted toat home....I should never asume.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday- Great day with Friends

Today was awsome- I started back into PNH lessons with Gypsy....Debbie started PNH lessons with Louka and Gaylene came along for PNH lessons with Mon's....we all had a ball and our tutor was brilliant- thankyou Jane.
Louka and Debbie were on first- and both beginners did so would think Louka was much older than his 3-4 years- he arrived from the 2009 muster as a wee tyke with a gash to his front leg- he was the "wildest" one of them all...but now I would say he is the wisest, calmest, has heaps of charisma and is so like an exmoor pony in his markings....but he is also very quick to learn...and as it's Debbies first time to PNH he was just brilliant for her to work with- there is no dancing, prancing etc- his manners are impeccable and it made it so much easier to pick up the moves...he knows that we like to be safe while we work with him, and I have used them in his training since he arrived....It will be lovely to see him progress through the levels.
Gypsy and I learnt so much- many of the gaps of why we do things were filled in and this should lead to a better relationship as we progress through the riding as well.  The rain did hold off fpr most of the session(s) and we have a bit of homework as well to keep us on track- sooooo looking forward to dry ground for a change...roll on summer!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Getting Back into it

Finally the weather looks as though it's improving to the point where we can get the horses in and start work again....Yay Spring...then SUMMER!!! Megan started Sarg again the other day and he was issues - He was impeccably behaved as he went through his paces. He's feeling pretty good and he looks great- chocolate brown with a good sheen to his coat.
Maxwell is coming along really well too now, he's settled down well and is still a little character...Oscar is also growing up a bit now and has that lovely soft eye that is so apparent with the Kai's- He is getting used to other people besides just me handling him now, and he had a bath by Megan- & loved it....Louka is being started now - we are doing the 7 games with him and a lot of online exercises now. Today I sat on him bareback, no hassles here..He is such a kind horse, I feel he'll really look after his rider.